ON OFF Festival 2019

Repeating the success of its inaugural event, Indonesia’s Largest Content Creator Network Famous All Stars (FAS) is offering the ON OFF Festival 2019 (# OOF19). Collaborating with Vidio, with the theme “Born Online”, the ON OFF Festival will be held from 7 to 8 September 2019 at Istora GBK, Senayan Jakarta and enlivened by hundreds of international and national best creators content, such as Krunk, Kwon Twins, Q2Han, Gamaliel, Ramengvrl, The Overtunes, Agung Hapsah, Reza ‘RAP’ Oktovian, Friday Noraebang, Reality Club, Aaliyah Massaid, Chandra Liow, Bayu Skak, and Boygroup Winner from Korea as highlight performers.



Fully supported by BRI, Indofood, Lazada, and Traveloka Eats, the ON OFF Festival 2019 will discuss new viral trends on the online platform divided into five interactive zones: Netizen Zone, Community Zone, Creators Classes Zone, Meet and Greet Zone, and Idol Zone. With the concept of customization and personalization, visitors can determine their own desired activities or programs in the five zones so that they can finally experience a unique, personal, and unforgettable festival experience.

ON OFF Festival 2019 Zone
a. Netizen Zone: A free entry zone where visitors can enjoy various culinary and exciting activities at partner booth.
b. Community Zone: Divided into several areas; Community Stage as an interactive stage between creators of the homeland and the community. Wonderooms that featured the works of 10 selected “Born Online” artists, the Stars & Screen mini video theater presented by Vidio, and FanCafe, a place to shop for various official and international creators’ merchandise.
c. Creators Meet & Greet Zone: In this zone, the community and fans can meet directly with local and international creators.
d. Creators Classes Zone: It’s time to broaden your horizons with the best creators in dance workshops, creative talk shows, to DIY sessions to cooking!
e. Idol Zone: Creators, homeland musicians to international shows will display spectacular performances in this zone.

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