Konser Kemerdekaan 2019: Swara KITA Gempita

KITA Anak Negeri Music Foundation collaborates with MARGOCITY and Belantara Budaya Indonesia to enliven the 74th Indonesian Independence Day. Located at the MARGOCITY Mall, Depok, this activity will be held on August 17, 2019.



This activity will be divided into two main musical activities namely flashmob and music concerts. Flashmob involved 60 orchestra players, 15 percussionists, and 100 dancers. While the music concert involves 50 orchestra players, 40 children (ages 4-8 years), 5 vocalists and 100 regional dancers who will collaborate together. Unlike ordinary music performances, our SWARA GEMPITA concert will present a semi-musical drama. So you can’t go too far in order to know all the story lines. Curious? Let’s watch this performance and celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day together!

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