Klikspot Yuki Matsuri

The need for entertainment is always increasing in big cities. Unfortunately, these kind of events usually makes the visitors spend a lot of money. Klikspot, with its tagline “Assist Indonesia in Finding Fun”, keen to deliver an exciting event that everyone can come in to for free! You can play games, enjoy snacks and coffees, or take picture with your beloved family and friends in this event.

After two succesful event at the end of June (Klikspot Sweet Festival) and July (Klikspot Fun Matsuri), Klikspot is back with a brand new concept coming on 7-8 December 2019. The third Klikspot “Yuki Matsuri” concept was inspired by the combination of activities which usually local
society do when it comes to the new year and the annual Sapporo Festival at the beginning of the year.



The main focus of Klikspot Yuki Matsuri is the introduction of various Japanese brands, from the ones that already exists in Indonesia to the ones that do not exist here. Klikspot is perfect to be attended alone, with friends, or even with the big family.

Klikspot Yuki Matsuri also presents various of traditional Japanese activities. Starting from traditional Japanese clothes (Happi), Japanese calligraphy (Shuji),Fukuwarai games, Kendama games, and opportunities to have conversations with Japanese people. As an appreciation for the attendees, Klikspot will provide hundreds of prizes consist of the sponsor products and souvenirs from Japan (disposable cameras, skin care sets,
make-up sets, chocolates, and many more) for free! Interested to join? Register and invite your beloved ones now!

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