Klikspot Sweet Festival DIY Party

Craving for something delicious and free? If yes, we welcome you to join our event! This is Klikspot’s Sweet Festival DIY party. You’ll find various snack and buffet to enjoy. Feel free to grab everything you need and create your Japanese dessert style for free!.

Not only snacks, but we also have various drink to refresh yourself, from fresh infused water, healthy yet delicious coffee, to carbonated nutritional drink. After completing your mission to try our best sweets food, you are welcomed to try out Japanese kimono and take a photo with it!


Taste our sponsors products and bring it to the next level by your own creation here!
When : 29 Juni 2019
Where : Jln Wolter Monginsidi 71, Kebayoran Baru Lantai 2, Jakarta. 
Contact Info : IG @kilkspot.id