Job Fair Jakarta 2018

Jakarta 2018 Digital Job Fair by Paperless Career, aka paperless! For job seekers, usually Job Fair, Career Day, Job Exchange, Career Expo are one of the most hunted places to be visited immediately, because it is usually in this kinds of events that many large companies want to find new talents, then open the opportunity as much as possible for job seekers.

the 2018 Jakarta Digital Job Fair held by the Career Center prioritizes convenience for both parties, both job seekers and job providers. One of them is that job seekers no longer have to bother bringing CV to the Job Fair that will be held on October 5 & 6 2018 in the Lower Floor Atrium Blok M Mall Jakarta and the company does not need to carry hundreds of CVs in the form of paper after the event.

Job seekers simply need to download the Career application on their smartphone, to scan the QR Code for jobs that are only available at the 2018 Jakarta Digital Job Fair. Where later through the method, companies and job seekers can directly interact with each other and determine their suitability through the application. For job seekers, you can search for information in detail at +6877 7513 1345 on whatsapp, or monitor via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and @ line from the @Karirpad account. You can also send an email to [email protected] now for other information regarding the Jakarta 2018 Career Job Fair schedule.



When : 5 – 6  October 2018 

Where : Atrium Lower Floor, Blok M Mall

Contact Info : +6877 7513 1345 / [email protected] 

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