JFW Model Search is held annually to audition for models who will run on the Jakarta Fashion Week runway. Open to male and female models  this audition is open to models from any agency, including models freelance that is not tied to the agency. Last year, the competition recorded almost 900 registrants collected through registration process on the official Jakarta Fashion Week website, with more than 600 candidates who have passed the administrative process. This year, UBS Gold, the new model gold center, is back in support organizing JFW Model Search. Likewise with Make Over being JFW Model Search’s Official Makeup Partner.  

The first JFW Model Search audition will be held in Yogyakarta, precisely in Jogja City Mall, 8-10 February 2019, followed by auditions at Tunjungan Plaza VI, Surabaya, February 22-24 2019. On March 8-10 2019, auditions will be held held in Cambridge City Square, Medan, ending the audition and final took place at Gandaria City, Jakarta on March 23-24 2019. Besides getting a gold ticket for the road on the Jakarta Fashion Week 2020 runway, para participants can win the grand prize following the 2019 Asia Model Festival in Seoul, South Korea, as a representative of Face of Indonesia.  

The Jakarta Fashion Week officially cooperates with the Korea Model Association, organizer of the Asia Model Festival, because the Asia Model Festival is an event potential for a number of top-ranking agents in the fashion industry from Paris, New York, as well as other countries, to find new talents who can representing the uniqueness and diversity of models from Asian countries.

One of the winners of JFW Model Search 2017 who is also Face of Indonesia 2017, Bianca Fischer, managed to attract Storm Model Management, a modeling agency prestigious from London, after appearing in the Asia Model Festival. Selected model candidates will depart for the 2019 Asia Model Festival at Seoul, South Korea, to compete with models from 27 countries. 

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