Jakarta Youth Choir

The form of this activity is the concert held by Jakarta Youth Choir. This activity is one Jakarta Youth Choir work program in 2018/2019. Theme itself is one form of hope from the appearance of the Jakarta Youth Choir to everyone who watching this concert. 

Love is a great power, where when someone has a sense of love, then he already has it wrong one of the strongest things in the world. Love buses are expressed everywhere, anytime, without knowing the time and place. However, many still question and seek love, without realizing that love is in them own. 

Through this concert, Jakarta Youth Choir wants to said that Love is a powerful force, which already exists in all of us. ‘Noi Siamo Amore’ itself is Spanish which means ‘we are love ‘or’ we are love ‘

Conducted by : Septo Adi Kristanto Simanjuntak, S.Pd.,
Save the date!.
 Saturday, 9th of March 2019
 Teater Besar Jakarta – Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta
 18.00 (Open gate)
 Ticket price start from :
1.  Ludus : IDR 1.000k
2. Storge : IDR 750k
3. Agape : IDR 500k
4. Pragma : IDR 300k 
5. Mania : IDR 200k 
6. Philia : IDR 150k
 Buy 5 Get 1 
For further Information & Ticket Reservation :
 0858 1080 1408 (Olivia)
 0815 1155 8258 (Tono)
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