Millennial (also known as generation Y) is a demographic group after generation X (Gen-X).  Millennial itself is considered special because this generation is very different from the previous generation, before with things discussing with technology. For this see the world not directly, but in a different way, namely by surfing the internet. Starting from talking, socializing. 

Himpunan Mahasiswa Grafika Penerbitan, Jakarta State Polytechnic, proudly present: INFOCUS COMPETITION 2019. Hello INFOCUS friend! Who likes and has talent in the field of Poster Design, writing Short Stories, making videos of Public Service Ads, or photographs aka Photography? You must be very obliged to participate in the INFOCUS COMPETITION 2019 competitions! 

High School / Student and equivalent throughout Indonesia : Work Registration and Collection: February 18 – March 22, 2019
Total Prize : IDR 10.000.000

Public Service Ads EmaTheme: Stop Hoax Rp 100,000 / team

Ida Umy Rasyidah: 0838-0501-4554  Line: idumr.ty

Photography EmaTheme: Social Interaction
Rp 50,000 / work Christine: 0878-4066-2506  Line: shptny .

Poster Design EmaTheme: Wise Social Media Rp 50,000 /

work Hadi: 0877-8332-4455 Line: nezumiblack .

Short Stories 35 IDR 35,000 / work Theme: Effects of Social Media

Ilham Arya: 0896-7589-5513 Line: ilhamaryaa.w 

For those of you who are curious, you can immediately check the link below! ? . Come on, participate in the INFOCUS COMPETITION 2019 race! We are waiting for the best work, friend of INFOCUS!

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