Indoestri Makerspace

Indoestri Makerspace is back with its 8th Indoestri Day, doing things completely different this time. It has always believed in the importance of process, of being #SelfMade, from the very beginning. This Indoestri Day, they want go back to their roots, and showcase #SelfMade makers, individuals who made them who they are. The theme of this Indoestri Day is “In Process We Trust, In Craft We Believe”.

Indoestri Day #8 is open for public, entry is free, and no reservation needed. Each visitor at Indoestri Day #8 will receive a pamphlet containing a map of the entire 2000m2 makerspace, and are free to walk around and visit the area of more than a dozen makers. Each maker will prepare activities for visitors to try out, all for free. Aside from that, their products can also be purchased on the spot during the event. The #SelfMade showcase is interactive and full of exciting hands-on experience for visitors to enjoy. Indoestri believes that people can come and understand the importance of the making process, and why preserving the craft matters.



Activities and events during Indoestri Day #8 are all free, and the showcase is available for visitors to see all day. To name a few, some of the activities include handmade paper making with Figure Notes, repotting station by Taman Hayat, Land Rover fabrication works by Crocworks, Open Mic Contest with Mahardika Instruments, #FoodWasteAngel Program with The Upcycling Company, Leather Watch Strap Making Station with Lima Watch & Born Goods, and many others!

Some events are scheduled throughout the day, so be sure to check Indoestri (@indoestri) on Instagram with the latest updates. Indoestri believes that when people come, they will get inspired, and hatch a plan for that one goal that has been high on their to-do list, and taking the first step towards their #SelfMade journey. Everyone can be #SelfMade. You can be #SelfMade.


When : 14 – 16 Sept 2018 

Where : Jl. Lingkar Luar Barat No. 36 Jakarta Barat 11740.

Contact Info : [email protected]

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