Ikan Noesantara

Spend a gentle afternoon in Jakarta’s fabulous new culinary destination. Indulge in great food & plenty of lighthearted laughter with those whom you love most!

Chef Sambas Sanusi & Chef Parjiyo from Samsara Indonesian Cuisine will impress you with their creativity and skill as they demonstrate an authentic & healthy fish dish known as Pepes Pangasius Ungkep Garam.

Pangasius Fillet Wrapped in Banana Papillote with Traditional Herbs & Spices.

Salt Baked to Perfection.

Served with a Mini Tumpeng Merah Putih, Veggies and Condiments.

Modern Interpretation of an Indonesian Culinary Classic

IDR 72.000++ per person
includes Traditional Lunch & Premium Tea Beverage by Savis

When: Friday, 18 August 2017
13:00 WIB

Senayan City, Level 5
South Jakarta

More info: JAMES / 0811 16 12 92 (WA)
WIDYA / (021) 7278-7110