Do you fancy munching on streefood? or you  like to hunt for unique satisfying drinks? and huge fan of partying at music festival?  Foodsical 2018 will be here to fulfill all the wishes of the Foodsies . Themed colorful market, Foodsical 2018 will present a festival that provides a variety of streetfood tenants and delicious drinks. Not only that, Foodsical will also present a seminar with food bloggers specifically for Foodies, Foodies will also be accompanied by our GUEST STAR, namely ADERA and various other music performance.  

So what are you waiting for? bring along your troopers to this December Food and Music Festival 2018! and don’t miss even a beat!

Save The Date:

? 1-2 Desember 2018

⏰ 09.00-22.00 WIB

?QBig, BSD City

?Guest Star: ADERA

Satisfy your taste buds and enjoy the music on Foodsical 2018 ??
For more information
[email protected] : @xap5720n  

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