Follow Gyeonggi K-Culture FESTA 2019

This concert is present as a program to introduce the culture and tourism of the province of Gyeonggi, South Korea to Indonesian.


Follow Gyeonggi K-Culture FESTA 2019


Held for 2 days in a row, there will be a series of South Korean musicians who enliven the music stage at Istora Senayan in October 2019. Here’s The line up :

Day 1

  • JBJ95
  • Kim Jong Kook
  • Epik High
  • VAV
  • DIA
  • Baek A Yeon
  • GWSN
  • 1Million
  • AKMU

Day 2

  • Taemin
  • RGP (Skull & HAHA)
  • Hwang Chiyeul
  • Lovelyz
  • The Rose
  • Yellow Bee
  • 1Million

Besides watching concerts, you can also take part in dance workshops, stop by at the K-Beauty, K-Food, and K-Hot Place booths. 

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