Have you always been a follower all this time? Are you brave enough to give something different and be a leader?

C.L.I.C 2018/2019 presents our second seminar:

ENDEAVOR “Break The Barriers”



ENDEAVOR is a creative seminar which will be attended by an award winning, self-taught Indonesian chef, Andrian Ishak, who is also the chef owner of Namaaz Dining – the first Indonesian molecular gastronomy restaurant, as well as Jeffry Jouw (Jejouw), the founder of Urban Sneaker Society and USS Networks.

This seminar aims to motivate each individual to be able to exceed the limits of thinking and creation. Not only being a follower in his/her social life, but becoming a leader.




Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Open Gate: 18.30

Venue: Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, third floor of William Soeryadjaya Building


Come and register yourself through bit.ly/clicprasmul For further information, follow us @c.l.i.c and make sure you add our official line @clicprasmul.


Come. Listen. Interpret. Change.