Digital Literacy Festival 2019

Read And Greet book club invites you to “Digital Literacy Festival 2019” which will dig deep about “Digital Literacy and Smart Utilization of Social Media”.
This festival’s purpose is to find out the solution of many problems triggered by overusing social media. For instance, mental health issues and dissemination of hoax.
We have invited qualified speakers to share about digital literacy through keynote speech from Dirjen Aptika Ministry of Communication and Information. After that we will provide workshop with Director of Operation Masyarakat Anti Fitnah Indonesia (Mafindo) Dewi S. Sari as well as Writing Workshop with Senior Editor of Jia Effendie.
In terms of mental health issue, we will discuss Filosofi Teras book with the author himself, Henry Manampiring. He will help all participants to shape tough mentality through ancient greek “Stoicism” together with Cania Citta Irlanie and Aulia “LLIA” Halimatussadiah.
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