Dharmayana Buddhist Festival 2019

Today’s lifestyles cause humans race only to gather wealth. But are we able to find true happiness only with wealth? How much do we need to develop? Let’s listen to the reviews in DHAMMATALK: “Crazy Rich vs Super Wise” What will be delivered by: • Y.M. Bhikkhu Kamsai Sumano Mahathera • Y. Lama Jigme Norbu • Y. Bhiksu Bhadra Pala (Xian Bing Temperature) Moderator: • Roby Oktober, S.E., C.NLP



?: Sunday, April 21, 2019 ?: At 1:00 p.m. – finished ?: The Palms Ballroom, Mall Taman Palem lt. 5, Cengkareng, West Jakarta OPEN FOR COMMUNITIES, FREE ENTRY, & LIMITED CHAIRS

Further information and reservations for places can contact:

• Felix Florentino (087832130231 / Line: felixfos)

• Cindy Calista (081311511692 / Line: cindy.calista

) Funds can be transferred through no. Rek. BCA 483-0423-821 a.n. Charles and confirmed to Charles (081818969208 / Line: charleszzz

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