Art Market Jakarta 8

Afrdbl. Art Fair:
Afrdbl. features original artworks and limited prints from 30+ visual artists/illustrators that you can collect without breaking the wallet.
Ali Hamzah, Ariel Victor, Arya Mularama, Atreyu Moniaga, Azis Wicaksono, Citra Marina, Debbie Tea, Diela Maharanie, Elfandiary, Gadis Fitriana, Gula, Hari Prast, Ika Vantiani, Nengiren, Kemas Acil, Liunic, Maskrib, Muhammad Taufiq (Emte), Muklay, Nalta097, Nykkhu (Atreyu Moniaga Project), Resatio, Rukmunal Hakim, SENIMART, Summerpotato, Tragicoo, Uncle Joy, Walid, Wickana, Wulang Sunu
Art Bazaar:
Showcasing more than 40 artists, illustrators, designers, and makers in creative industry to raise awareness, sell, and share the stories behind their art merchandise and brands.
Achebong, Ariel Victor, bits & bobs, Bob and Lily, Brombie Lab, Christina Rou Pottery, CRESC, Damdam, Elfandiary, Group Chat Phobia, Hipme, Holla-C, Idamkhar, Karangan, Kayu Manis, Kertasbykarls, kukuku., Leeven & Co, Lincoid,, Manikara, Maskrib, Mita Jewelry, Namakuma, Nasi Goreng Diplomacy, Nrsimha, Obie, peterporn, Pin Panther Collectives, Pins and Puns, Razmataz, Resatio, Rukmunal Hakim, Rumme, Tomodachi Studio, Torisaru, Tresaugust, Tsatya, Unikraf, Vindy Ariella, wkwkwk, WUV, YAJUGAYA
Creative Workshops:
Make your own Handcrafted Holiday Greeting Cards, Pinback Button Badge Making, Pattern Botanical Collage, and Instax Photo Frame in a Pot with crafter Kitty Manu. All workshops are free and available all day from Friday (December 8) to Sunday (December 10) and starts at 1 PM. No pre-registration needed. First come first serve until the materials run out.
Disarrangement: Live Collage & Exhibition
Seven local collage artists who has their own particular materials and style of making their collages gathers up to make collages in one table together. It will be interesting to see the way they response to each other’s materials then making collages that will be display later on this one wall.
Participating artists:
Elsadiora, Fajar Domingo, Grace Joetama, Ika Vantiani, Karin Josephine, Piganta, Resatio
Audience can take part by responding to those collages by writing, drawing, or anything that related with the art. The best response will get a cool prize from the artists.
When : 9 – 10 December 2017 (1 pm – 9 pm)
Where : Kuningan City Lvl 3
More info : IG : @artmarket_jkt
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