ABANG & NONE Jakarta Kepulauan Seribu

Election of Abang and None Jakarta The Thousand Islands is one of the flagship annual tourism activities of the Thousand Islands Administrative District which is full of nuances and the preservation of Betawi culture values.

The annual agenda of pride of the Thousand Islands Administrative District is a tangible manifestation of young people’s participation to elevate the positive image of the Thousand Islands marine tourism sector as a national cultural asset that has high selling value to realize the vision of the Thousand Islands as “Thousand Islands as Fields and Parks Sustainable Marine Life “. 

Jakarta Islands Abang and None Thousand has acted as a platform to develop potential, character and a variety of proven skills able to print outstanding figures and make a positive contribution to society.

You can go register yourself to enter the Abang & None Competition based on the information above or share this big news to your friends and stay tune to Abang & None activities starting from registration process and top 30 selection to the finale show until April 2019.

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