Greyson Chance “Potraits” Live in Jakarta

Good news for Greyson Chance fans who are looking forward to his live concert!

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The American singer and songwriter, Greyson Michael Chance, will hold a live concert in Jakarta on July 27 this year! His concert will be held in a strategic location in South Jakarta, which is in The Pallas, SCBD.

Greyson Chance will entertain you by singing the songs from his latest album “Portraits”.  “Portraits” is the second album from Chance that was released on March 15, 2019. There are three top singles in this album, which are “Shut Up”, “Time Keeper”, and “Yours”.

In order to promote “Portraits”, Chance will hold a tour in many countries and stop by in Indonesia, specifically the capital city of Jakarta. Don’t miss the chance to watch his amazing performance soon!

So,  this time will be the best time for his fans in Indonesia to reunite with Greyson Chance by watching his live performance.

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