ORUTAKU Music Event

A dance and sing-along music party of non-stop 1980’s – early 2000’s anime nostalgia and throwback J-pop/J-rock anthems. Orutaku is dedicated to “old school otaku” – a generation who grew up during the golden age of anime. With the recent boom of 90’s disco event collectives in the local nightlife scene, this niche genre is extensively promising and yet to be explored.

Alongside the screening of anime lyric videos on the main stage, the Orutaku dancefloor also will have a side entertainment of Playstation 1 games played via emulator on a separate projector. Guests will be able to watch, cheer and compete in interactive tournaments of Bishi Bashi and Tekken – reminiscing their good ol’childhood days. And additionally, the entrance ticket only cost you IDR 75k per person, including beer/cola.



DJ Line up : Krautmilk (@krautmilk), Norman (@xxnorm), Soba (@abillien)  


When : Saturday 24 November 2018, 19:00 p.m – 1:00 a.m

Where : Joglo Beer Kemang 

Contact Info : @orutakuclub 

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