One the most spectacular event of all time and we must say it’s one of the highlight in 2019! On last September, Hennessy Declassified returned after a long hiatus to Jakarta with five interactive rooms that will take Cognac enthusiasts through the creation process of Hennessy, from the vineyards to the glass so visitors will enjoy the experience and visually captivating, as one learns the meticulous attention and care placed behind each step of the Hennessy cognac manufacturing process to yield consistent Hennessy taste that the world has come to love.

From 23 – 29th September, Hennessy Declassified has successfully made everyone in awe and keep the excitement for one whole week at Pacific Place Mall.  An Immersive experience that you won’t find anywhere else, that’s what makes them stands out and we can say valuable compare to any other exhibition or art installation that has overcrowd the city.

So without further due, let’s reminisce all those amazing memories from last month :





And the event did not stop there, The Hennessy Masterclass has made its debut to be a part of the remarkable experience in Hennessy Declassified and offer a fresh, new experience to compliment the consumer’s overall experience. Participants at each session got to experience chocolate pairing or cocktail creations prepared by world-class chocolatiers and mixologists, as they tune in to prominent guest speakers’ stories who will share stories of their own personal journeys, expertise, entrepreneurship, craftsmanship and their savoir faire.



Furthermore, The Hennessy Masterclass has featured one inspiring and prodigious guest speakers. From the incredible Agung Prabowo, he is the founder of the famous The Old Man in Hongkong (no.1 voted best bar by Asia’s 50 Best Bars 2019) and Singapore, has take apart in Hennessy Masterclass with the rest of master crafters to serve unique cocktails to participants. Not to mention Kevin Poon, the founder of streetwear brands Juice and Clot (with Edison Chen) from Hongkong, who have collaborated with brands such as Nike to offer streetwear collection fused with elements of Asian heritage has successfully inspired the participant by sharing his experience and valuable knowledge towards the participant.




Last but not least, one of the most anticipated parts of the Hennessy Declassified was chocolate pairing and cocktail creations that was prepared by world-class chocolatiers and mixologists! Straight from the Pastry kitchen, Gerald A.Maridet (The Executive Pastry Chef of Huize Van Wely) ,  Kim Pangestu ( Head of Pastry Chef at Nomz Jakarta), Sacha Lefebvre ( Chocolatier of Paris Sorbet) has created one sweet memories with their signature chocolate creation to the participants. And from behind the bar, Hennessy Declassified invited the rising start of mixologist, from Kiki Moka from the Union Group, Nicholas Nemalceff from the Raffles Hotel and Richard Charles!








2019 HENNESSY DECLASSFIED has been an absolute blast! For the next few years, we are sure the city will always anticipates the return of Moet Hennessy with much more unique and splendid experience and activities to offer to everyone. Can’t wait for what they will bring us next year

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