Enchanted Dining by The Garden

Strategically located in the heart of Jakarta’s Pantai Indah Kapukwhere all the food enthusiast and hippest people constellate to hunt the best dining spot that has the whole package, from great ambience, instagramable spot and of course excellent food that suits to the market taste. The Garden is one of thematic restaurant that has hit the jackpot ever since their opening in the mid of 2018. Located Rukan Garden House Blok B no 28, Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk ( beside Kanpai).

It is Certain that everyone who read this, has been aware of the long queue everyday in The Garden entrance,  that’s because The Garden has successfully caught our heart to keep coming back for more of their food and also more pictures! and the charming interior surrounding with lush of leaves and flowers is what people love the most. it’s irresistible right?





One essential suggestion, should you wish to be enlisted in the waiting list early ( as in for now, reservation is not available yet), it’s better for you to arrive hours before your preferred timing and place your name, number of pax and time with the receptionist in front. Moving on, as you know nowadays more themed cafe has settled down in the city, and we have hunt some of them. however it seems like customers can’t find win win solution in one particular place.

It’s either the place is instagram worthy, with poor service and food. or vice versa. This image of F&B business in Jakarta has been stuck in-between our mind for the past few years. and guess what? The Garden is one of the few places that can change people perspective on this issue.

The Garden offer Asian and Western fusion food, with Garden style of course. and their dessert is the BOMB! The Wonder Duck Crispy Kecombrang is a must try and our favorite dish! Its a traditional deep fried duck served with flavor kecombrang rice, urap veggies and three kinds of sambal that goes well together with other element on this dish.  Another menu that you ought to try is called ” In Love With Chicken in Curry”. The Garden brings strong flavor of curry that makes you crave for more  and more bites, serves with soft and tender chicken with Roti Naan.





Or should you prefer to start with something light first, they have variety of healthy Asian and Western Salad, with other variety of Tapas.  from Romantic Garden Salad, Cheesy Grilled Lettuce with Goma Dressing, Thai Papaya Salad and many others. And additionally. for small plates you can choose Salmon and Tuna Pizza ( our favorite dish), Supreme Wagyu Satay and Fried BBQ Pork Bahn.




Overall, The Garden is 10/10 for us, what a lively place to meet and indulge in scrumptious food with extraordinary cocktails. however again keep in mind the place is often crowded especially during the evening, so its much better for you to reserve your waiting list by coming directly few hours before.





for further information and to keep you updated with The Garden event and promotion, you can follow its Instagram at : @thegarden_id.  

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