Detoxication Day

Life is though, so we must work hard. But, it’s not a sin to have that one day escapade from the busy life you have, right? That’s why we teamed up with Tauzia, who manages some of the great hotels in Jakarta like HARRIS Vertu, HARRIS Hotels, POP! Hotels to arrange “Detoxication Day”. It’s time for you to detox yourself and discover the new you.

We invited 30 social media influencers, from fashion, beauty, foods, and lifestyle to join the adventure. So, what did we do on Detoxication Day?

In the morning, we visited Yello Hotel Manggarai to have our first detoxification session: Doodling Workshop! We’re greeted by friendly and fun waiters and you know what, suddenly they were gathered together and dance in front of us. What a surprise! It gave us positive vibes in the morning, for sure. After the dance, we had a lovely breakfast before the workshop began.

We’re given a time to doodling anything we want. Our guests were very creative in creating their own art piece. We love their works! There’s an artist in all of them. Before we left Yello Hotel, we had a group shot in front of their instagenic mural. It’s a MUST spot for taking photos!

And next, our second session: Yoghurt Workshop at Harris Suites FX Sudirman. And you know what? Another dance were shown at the lobby to greet us! Tauzia’s people really know how to cheer their customer. They’re high spirited!

Here, they taught us about how to make a delicious Yoghurt Parfait. It’s very fun for us because we can make our own yoghurt as we want it to be. We also had a delightful lunch at Haris FX Sudirman. Kudos for the impressive foods!

After pampering ourselves with creative and yummy workshops, it’s time for us to embrace the nature a bit. We continued our journey to eco friendly POP! Hotel Pasar Baru and had a Flower Arrangement Workshop, managed by Rosy Posy Team. We arranged some of beautiful flowers like hydrangea and roses into a lovely bouquet. We always think that arranging flowers is difficult but turns out it is fun and so refreshing!

When the workshop finished, we’re gathered to join the “Under The Blanket” Challenge at the room. Our guests were enjoying the challenge so much. They captured unique and funny photos for their instagram!

Well, it’s not the end guys! After that, all guests were taken to HARRIS Vertu Hotel Harmoni. There was a trunk show before the dinner buffet. All models were looked fabulous with colorful and lovely pieces by fashion designer, Riana Ree. After dinner, guests were given a key card to stay at Yello Harmoni for a night. It’s time to rest after a long-long day filled with joy and excitement!

What a detoxication day! Don’t you think we should make another one?

You can also see our splendid sessions on instagram by searching #TauziaDetox!

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