Dessert Project – Into The Forest

This 3-days Concrete Marketplace event was great. We get to see 8 different desserts from 8 different artisans. Each of these chefs has mastered a unique skill in making desserts.

Before we get to experience all 8 desserts, we get to look around on the bazaar. Every tenant shown off their delicious creation, all of it looked very intriguing. If you look at it, you might want to try it yourself.


As we dive into the theme, Into The Forest, all guests were served with varies of dessert that makes the guests feel like they are eating an edible garden of Eden. The 8 artisans are from Rue de ChouxBataJacob’s PattisiereCuvee diningThe Golden SpatulaIRIS, and CHARINS. For the rest of the evening, we were also served a cup of peach tea by Tea & Co.


Not only the ones in our plates that are edible, but also the decoration. The “soil” on our table is actually an edible dark chocolate. The decorators skill to create a forest-y atmosphere worked really well. All the guests had good conversations and laughs among them.


All in all, ’twas a great event. All the dessert successfully blown the guests away.

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