All Day is Waffle Day

One of our favourite fast food chains, A&W recently introduced their new menu called All Day Breakfast Waffles and Potato Cheese Balls! As we all have known, their sweet waffle is very popular too (and we’re a huge fan). Now, they are adding savoury waffles to the menu.

The All Day Breakfast Waffles will be launched on Monday, 27 November 2017 (JABODETABEK). There are 3 proteins that you can choose to accompany your waffle: chicken, beef or fish. You can also choose whether you want the entire waffle or just the half one. For the sauce, you can choose between cheese or waffle sauce. And lucky us, we had a chance to try it before the launching. YAY!

All Day Breakfast Waffles Fish Tender with egg


All Day Breakfast Waffles Chicken Tender with egg


All Day Breakfast Waffles Beef with egg (Half)


We had the All Day Breakfast Waffle with Fish & Egg and it’s pretty good. We tried both of sauce because we’re really curious about the taste. We love their cheese sauce, it’s a perfect match to the fish. The waffle sauce is actually a maple sauce. We doubt the taste at the first time, afraid that it would be weird when we add the waffle sauce. But surprisingly the taste was really nice, not weird at all. It’s sweet and salty in your mouth. We encourage you to give it a try. (Price: starts from IDR 32.000)

Other than waffles, you should try the Potato Cheese Balls too! It would be a great snack to share with others. The potato ball is filled with cheese and melted in your mouth perfectly. You can also combine the potato cheese balls with other fries. (Price: starts from IDR 17.000)

Potato Platter (Curly Fries, French Fries and Potato Cheese Balls)

All new menu are available all day and every day in every outlet. Save the date people and let’s enjoy these amazing meals!

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