Creators Gather at Creators Super Fest 2017


Look at the guest-list! Isn’t it intriguing enough?

This year’s Creators Super Fest will bring you many creators, from local and also international.

There will be two Indonesian illustrators that worked for Marvel and DC Comics, Rahmat M. Handoko and Afif Numbo.  Other than illustrators, there will also a game developer team for Legenda Nusantara. It is a game with Indonesian legends’ character, such as Gatot Kaca, Hanoman, and many more.

This pop culture event won’t be as good if there’s no cosplay included in the theme. That’s why there will also well-known local and international cosplayers. They are Franzeska EdelynJeanice AngClarissa Punipun, Matcha MeiBaozi & Hana (China)M. G. (Hong Kong)Ying Tze (Malaysia).

The event is going to be filled with bazaars, comic books, video games, and lots of interesting and famous cosplayer! Invite your friend to come and enjoy the whole festival together.

Creator Super Fest 2017 held from 29 April to 30 April at Grand Ballroom Pullman Hotel Central Park, Jakarta. You can’t miss this!

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