10 Cool Communities in Jakarta

There’s a lot of interesting communities in Jakarta.

Don’t believe it? Well, you should read this 10 Cool Communities in Jakarta then and get to know them more!

1. Polyglot

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So what is Polyglot? It’s a term for people who can speak many languages. This community aims to support language practise in a fun and relaxed environment. Polyglot is a place for you to learn foreign languages, experience new culture and make new friends. They usually hold many meet ups in Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Banda Aceh and Semarang.

For more information about the next Language Exchange Meet Up, you can stalk their website!

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2. Rumah Dongeng Pelangi

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Rumah Dongeng Pelangi is a group of people who use ‘story telling’ as one of the way to develop children’s education in Indonesia. So if you love teaching and reading tales for kids, this community is meant for you! If you join the club, you can join their charity and spread positive messages to all little ones out there.

More info:  +62819 0896 8751 / @rumahdongeng

3. Komunitas Organik Indonesia

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ORGANIC is a good lifestyle, Organic Heart Organic Mind. If you’re a huge fan of organic, green and healthy living, you can register yourself to Komunitas Organik Indonesia. They will update any events or information that are related to organic foods and healthy lifestyle on their social media.

More info: @organicommunity /

4. Internations Jakarta

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A community for expats who live in Jakarta. By joining Internations, you can connect with fellow expats and get information about events, groups, guides and tips in Jakarta. Internations has reached 2.8 millions members around the world and helped expats in 390 cities worldwide!

More info: / @internationsjakarta

5. Let’s Free Dive Jakarta

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Let’s Free Dive Jakarta is a place to learn how to do Free Diving. Free Diving isn’t just about swimming, it’s more than that. It needs discipline and high commitment. Here, you will learn the skill from AIDA (Association International Development of Apnea) certified instructors.

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6. Merry Riana Corporate Ambassadors

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Who doesn’t know Merry Riana? This inspirational and well known motivator in Indonesia build her own community with her husband called Merry Riana Corporate Ambassadors. You will be mentored by Merry Riana herself to reach your goal and distribute positivity to people around you.

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7. Doodle Art Indonesia

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Who loves to doodle? If you do, you can join Doodle Art Indonesia! You can meet new friends and learn more about doodle art. They update many meet ups and workshops around Indonesia on their instagram so make sure you follow them so you won’t miss a thing!

More info: @doodleartindonesia /  +62812 2265 0091

8. Upload Kompakan

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Upload Kompakan is an Instagram-based community for food photography enthusiasts. How to join the club? First you have to follow their instagram. After they accept your friend request, you’re able to join the community and upload your photo on instagram with different theme everyday.

More info: [email protected] / @uploadkompakan

9. Mata Ponsel

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Another instagram based community that you need to follow. Mata Ponsel is a mobile photography community. All uploaded photos on their instagram were captured by camera phone only. You can join their themed-photo challenges and the chosen one will be featured on their official instagram.

More info: @mataponsel

10. Yogadogether

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A community for yoga fans. Yogadogether has 120 members since 2015. Through this community, they want to introduce the benefits of yoga for our health. How to join them? Just come to their class on time! Feel free to contact them if you need more information.

More info: @yogadolivery / +62813 107 5757

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