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In this fast-paced era, food and beverage production is one of the leading industrial sectors in the world, and Innovation after innovation keeps on coming to this industry to keep up with the today’s people lifestyle. The productivity level of people in Jakarta that is increasing rapidly makes us search for a quick, easy yet still satisfying lunch in the middle of our super hectic routine. And Thankfully, we found one unique dine in place, tucked in between Pluit area that is perfect for either quick lunch or even long session of lunch meeting!

DAILYBOX is Located at Jl. Pluit Kencana No.95-96, Pluit Penjaringan, North Jakarta is not another new themed cafe at Pluit, but they have adjusted to your lifestyle and tastebud! Serving variety of Rice Box , Indomie Zaman Now, Martabak, Cakeries, and even Es Kopi Jadul.  The ambience itself is really cozy with wooden and greeneries feel to it, adding extra comfort for dine in.  Or if you wish to cramp in your work in between your lunch or having meetings here, it would be perfect!






Moving on, Let’s talk about the food and beverage served at Dailybox. Fun Fact! All your orders here is served only within 10 minutes! But don’t get them wrong, they are not a fast food restaurant serving straight up unhealthy lunch for you. Dailybox have everything well-thought to give the best for their customers.

The rice box that they created is well balanced with Meat, Egg and Fresh Veggies. With authentic Asian taste that fulfill your cravings for Asian food! Because let’s be honest. Asian Food is the best one to have for satisfying lunch. Moreover, if you wonder how do they make your order like a lightning speed? That’s because you make your order here digitally ( another mind-blowing fact about this place). We’ll show you how to order in a bit.

Back to the topic. During our visit, we tried DailyBox Tenderloin Pete Box and Basil Wagyu Rice box for IDR 55k each.  both are #JKTGOapproved! We love their Tenderloin Pete Box with generous amount of meat, Flavorful Sambal Balado pair with juice tenderloin meat, and Fried Egg. For you who love salty and spicy, it’s a great option for you! The Basil Wagyu Rice Box is also an easy #JKTGOapproved, again it’s satisfying and filling, a hint of sweet, salty and spicy mixed perfectly.



Basil Wagyu Rice Box


Tenderloin Pete Balado
IDR 55k


Moreover, they also have variety of Indomie “Zaman Now” and we tasted their Indomie Tom Yum Special for IDR 35k. the broth taste Sweet and sour with authentic Tom Yum flavor, for Thai Food lovers, you definitely must try this menu. During our visit, it was sizzling hot outside, and they offer us a cup of Es Kopi Jadul that is really refreshing, right amount of ratio between milk, sugar and coffee. It was a top notch! Especially for us who is still going crazy with Es Kopi Susu until now.


Indomie Tom Yum IDR 35K



Finally, DailyBox would like to introduce you to their order and payment system via their website. you have to Log in first, using your Google account or Facebook for quick and easy log in. or if you prefer to register and be a part of Dailybox you can register directly on their website here :  Moreover, after log in you can immediately place your order and they are ready to be served within minutes. Regarding the payment, there are two option : Cash or DailyCoins.

We suggested you to purchase your meals using DailyCoins by top up to your DailyBox account via mobile banking. Because by paying via DailyCoins you can enjoy lower price for each meal. By the way, there are other merchants that have collaborated with DailyBox such as Kedai Roti Kobi , Martabak Telur Bandung Jaya and many other that you can order via DailyBox website, which then will be delivered right to your table at DailyBox Outlet. How Cool right?  You can consider DailyBox as Food Court “Jaman Now” where everything is digital and mobile!

Additional note! When you open the website via google chrome on your phone it will be turned directly into application, for even easier ordering system for you.


IG :




In the website, you also can also make delivery order to your house. You can choose your preferred time, whether you like it to be delivered directly or later. The Website is really designed for your convenience, to another different level.


IG :


DailyBox opens daily from 10am – 10 pm. For further information and promotion you can check out their Instagram : or visit DailyBox website directly : . Happy Working Day Everyone, Enjoy your Lunch!



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