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Yes – thank you for waiting folks – here it is the AQUA Reflections dining guide you’ve been waiting for! This time, we are hitting the side of Kemang – to everyone’s favorite spot, KOI Kemang. Here we are again – it’s time for another great AQUA Reflections dining guide. As always, this specially written article has been curated and approved by AQUA Reflections spokesperson himself, Master Chef – Arnold Poernomo.

KOI KemangIt was quiet a busy, well very busy day at Kemang. Thank goodness, the smooth dim lightning, warm atmosphere, and cozy furnitures at KOI Kemang has pampered us automatically upon our arrival.

KOI kemangWe took no time to get settled with our menu as we skipped our lunch. For starters, we had the Chili Con Carne, Corn Tortilla & Sour Cream. Its quite a big appetizer – must be the con carne that fulfill our belly automatically. Now regarding to spiciness, the normal portion is not that spicy – so if you’re looking for that special kick in the level of spiciness, you can order an additional Jalapenos or Tabasco to make the dish more juicy.

KOI KemangThe Tomato Soup with Cheese Toast comes next on our order. We love on how generous KOI Kemang has given to the soup portion. And the 2 slices of big bread very well complimented the soup. We wish the tomato soup can have a little bit more flavor to it – but for starters, its quite heartwarming for those looking for a comforting meal.

KOI KemangFor salad lovers, order the Asian Roast Duck Salad – which is served with Lemon & Sesame Dressing. It’s a very big portion – so you can share it with others if you don’t want to overwhelmed yourself. We have to say its quite fresh – and boy what we wouldn’t do to have more ducks in the salad!

KOI KemangAs for the main, we have the Swiss Burger – which is served with raclette cheese & dry aged beef. We personally loved this burger as the beef is very strong in its taste which brings the whole flavour of the dish into one! Kudos Koi Kemang!

KOI KemangAnd last but not least, for those searching for chicken, the Rotisserie Chicken will do you justice as the perfect healthy food. The chicken is cooked perfectly – but we wish to have more condiments on the sauce to bring the whole flavor altogether. Perhaps you can add a slice of lemon to bring out the taste better. Compliment yourself with a bottle of AQUA Reflections as well – just to make things more better!

KOI kemangAs an overall, this place is great for a comforting food – with many selections on the menu, you can almost have anything that you want on a spot. OH BTW – Koi is also located at Mahakam area. Stay tuned for the next AQUA Reflections dining guide – as there’ll be a lot more coming your way.

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