#CasualYetClassy with Havehad Footwear

The wait is over, Sneakerheads, top Indonesian footwear designer and brand Havehad Footwear Indonesia has opened its flagship store right in the heart of Kemang, South Jakarta. Established in 2011, Havehad Footwear Indonesia stands proudly on the line dividing athleticism and class, because sporty elegance is the new black.


Havehad Footwear Indonesia Kemang Store


Havehad Footwear's Creative Team

Havehad Footwear’s Creative Team

Transfoming a simple shipping container into a modest, industrialist-chic display, Havehad Footwear Indonesia’s store will feel less like shoe shopping and more like stepping into a minimalist paradise. Browse Havehad Footwear Indonesia’s entire sneaker range along with their newly released t-shirt and shoe cleaner.


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They have since collaborated with various young Indonesian talents such as Keenan Pearce, Agatha Carolina (founder of Monstore) and Ernanda Putra (founder of Makna Creative) to further establish and develop Havehad Footwear Indonesia’s brand culture and look.


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When: Tuesday – Sunday ; 12:00 – 21:00

Where: Southbox, Prapanca Raya No.18,
Prapanca, South Jakarta

More Info: / @havehad





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