Buro Collaborative Concept Store

Buro Collaborative Concept Store is a retail concept store merged with coffee shop and working space. It’s located at 2 nd floor of Livingstone Cafe and Bakery (FYI, they were very popular with their watermelon bread). You can shop, hang out, and work at the same time in Buro Collaborative Concept Store. Cool right?

A little bit skeptical about this place at the first time. We think it’s just a “so so” spot that you can find almost everywhere but damn, this place is more than we have expected. It’s a must destination when you’re in Bali, especially for all instagrammers out there. Here is the reason why you must visit Buro Collaborative Concept Store.

Place is very dominant with white color. It’s a pretty spot for hang out and you can also find many good retail brands in here like shoes, clothing, and accessories. Really recommend you to come at noon so you can still get enough sunlight to capture amazing photos. Spacious space and very explorable.

There’s also a bar called Faculty Kitchen and Bar above Buro. It’s a gorgeous hidden spot that you can find in Bali. We’re really pampered with the ambience and their menu. A little bit humid in here but it’s still worth to visit, especially when you bring a lot of friends. Their coffee was nice but if you prefer something cool and refreshing, you can also try their mocktails.



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