Bullet Journal 101 Workshop by Boxypen Indonesia

Last Saturday, on 24th November 2018, our team visited one of the most unique workshop in South Jakarta Area! Before we get started to explore the workshop further, let’s learn more about Boxy Pen Indonesia as one of the leading Japanese stationery company in the country.  It is the importer and distributor of the exclusive Japanese brands Kokuyo and Mitsubishi Pencils. The products are represented in specialized outlets in consumer products such as Gramedia, Kinokuniya.  Boxypen is one stop solution that is just one click away for stationery essentials,  to shop and see the full price list, you can check out their website directly : . And by the way they are selling Gudetama ballpoint collection comes in different attractive colors and it’s limited! So grab yours now before they are running out of stock.

Moving on, the Bullet Journaling Workshop was really mesmerizing for everyone, because the details and simple effort you put to create your very own journal is incredibly useful not only for work but also to improve your life habit. Who would have thought that taking notes on your notebook can be much more meaningful than  just writing down to remember your to do list or reviewing meeting and school materials? Boxypen has successfully opened our mind through this workshop, how you can transform  a simple notebook to valuable personal journal.  Scroll down below to learn the greatest tips and trick from Boxypen!



The Bullet Journal Workshop is located at Ganara Art Space, Jalan Kemang Raya 8B. The home-artsy place and welcoming environment is very comfortable and allows participant to concentrate more.



Without further due, let’s get on to create the first section of the bullet journal, which is : Cover, Key and Index! So tips and trick for you not to get lost inside your thick journal is to label each page and section with page number and you list them all down in front of the journal in form of page number and its description. One more thing, it is very beneficial to place your ” things to do today” checklist that is written on sticky notes, on the cover of the journal as daily reminder. Additionally, they also gives us input to create your own distinctive symbol in each checklist. For instance, heart shape for homework, square for events to attend and red circle for deadlines, then cross it once it has been completed.




Flipping to the next page : Future Log and Collection 

Future Log is one of the section in your journal to organize the future. So mind-blowing facts, we actually can take control of our future if we can committed to them, and writing it down to give you constant reminder helps a lot! The Future Log is in form of Calendar where you draw each month and mark the important dates, events and other necessary personal things you wish to accomplish! Following the future log, it is essential to ensure that we actually keep track of our plan or if there is any sudden impromptu and improvement needed in the middle of your life journey.

Sherly from Planner & Coffe, and Sylvia from Boxypen are two lovely ladies who lead the workshop last weekend. We must say, they are super patience and smart to reach the idea of creating these tips and trick. They inform how salient it is to create the collection session and review it once a week how your life, work is balanced and showing positive progress.




Inside the collection pages, you can fill whatever you wish and decorate it with your own preference and style. So let’s say, for the first page of your collection, is the list of goals this month that haven’t been achieved last month and remind yourself why this particular goal is delayed. Another suggestion from Sherly, are habbit tracker, mood swings and movies! sounds very fun and exciting to write down. Should you wish to have personal self improvement, and often people got lost in the jungle of where to begin. Apparently, writing them down is helpful! just make sure you keep record of the progress or delay in a timeline.

Moreover, there are also the term of Monthly Spread and Weekly/Daily Spread : These are the overview of your activities for the past one month and each week. Again, you can be as creative and wild as you like in your journal, some people love to go into details of what they do from morning to bed and sometimes, full one month recap also works for other people. So it’s really up to you.




Finally, at the end of the workshop the participant did not go home empty-handed. they can bring home their journal creation along with other stationery from Boxypen. From book magnet, three kinds of loose leaf with the highest quality paper you can find, limited edition of colored and unique pattern of washi tapes, super adorable sticker sets, uni propus dual highlighter, Ballpoint, eyeball clips and voucher for the next purchase.

Seating in the corner of the art space, we spot a pop-up stationery store and the limited edition of Gudetama that were ready for everyone to shop afterwards, It was a stationery heaven basically. Every color of pen, notebooks and high quality loose leaf papers are so eye catching and they are so hard to resist!



For more information about Boxypen you can check out their website. or should you wish to place your order online you can check it here  or Shopee: boxypens and shop office supplies, bags/cases, others directly. If you don’t want to miss any updates about them or keeping up with the next next workshop, be sure to follow their Instagram account : or chat them directly via Line @boxypens or whatsapp : 081289626532. 

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