Your must try BRUNCH menus at Monolog

A gem for all Senayan busy bee’s, Monolog has long been standing (STRONGLY) for 10 years. Every year, menu is rotated to keep every patron excited for another fine yet comfortable culinary excitement – don’t worry, the Waffle + Fried Chicken is still there (THANK GOODNESS!). Nevertheless, here are our top picks for Monolog’s newest menus you can’t possibly miss. YES, we have tasted them and we seriously recommend these!

Open Faced Danish Sandwich (the 2 best menus – and a must try are – rank in order): Sliced Short Rib Kalbi with Cream Cheese + Yakiniku Sauce (120k) – this is insanely good – we literally eat out almost the entire portion alone!

If you’re not a beef person,try the Grilled Garlic Prawns topping which is served with spicy avocado cream (98k).

NEXT UP! If you love some fried chicken – try the Buffalo Chicken Burger (88k) – which is served with baby spinach & sliced apple.

And for sharing, the Skillet Macho Nacho (80k) – is big enough to be an individual main course – served with skilled beef and beans! IN conclusion – you might thing that after 10 good years they will let us down in any way (thank goodness, they haven’t and won’t think about it).

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