Bread Life New Menu


BreadLife has always been one of Indonesia’s favorite artisan bakeries for those who look for soft and milky freshly baked Japanese styled breads. 

Breadlife New Menu
So one day, after a heavy meal, we decided to pick up some bread at this bakery. Little did we know that they changed the overall look – when we asked, they say it marks their 10th anniversary and has grown to 64 outlets in 14 cities. Happy Anniversary from JKTGO! 

Bread Life New Menu
While The Ring, Mamamia and Rugby are their best sellers, they escorted us to the new menu that we should try which are Kuro Banana Cream & Yakitari. Now the Kuro Banana Cream is a true winner – this black bun is infused with activated charcoal for your health purpose – where inside, it has two layers of filling: white cream and banana cream which are super good (yes, we’re giving you that close up look). And, for Yakitari – this sausage bread has Japanese twist with Nori topping and is crafted to replicate Yakitori – Japanese styled skewer chicken. Super delicious for you all who like savory bread.

Bread Life New Menu
Bread Life New Menu
Bread Life New Menu
Both menu are good tasting and looking. So good looking that BreadLife is challenging you JKTGO-ers to join their Instagram Photo Contest with pictures of Kuro Banana Cream and Yakitari for a chance to win a brand new Samsung NX300M mirrorless camera.

They also have a #NewBreadLifeEatingChallenge, which will take place at Central Park Mall Jakarta’s Tribeca Park on 29th August 2015 starting from 4 – 10 PM where you can join bread eating contest and catch the action of Takeru Kobayashi – world speed eating champion and 7 Guinness World Records holder – to speed eating for charity. You will also get 1 Kuro Banana Cream and 1 Yakitari for only IDR 5K!

So go grab your Kuro Banana Cream and Yakitari now and join the challenges, check out their Instagram: @breadlifebakery for more info!

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