BOTTEGA Ristorante: Re-birth.

As the city dining scene are continuously flooded with continuous glitz & glam new comers, old brands that have long been standing in the ground may be shook (some sadly, have closed down). However, one name has recently make it’s epic comeback – and it’s no other than one of our most beloved treasure, Bottega Ristorante. Yes folks, this place has officially moved it’s place to Fairgrounds SCBD (where The Pallas, the Goods Diner, Blumchen, and many more resides) – and it’s prettier than ever.

Known for their flashy blue tiles, Bottega brings a new atmosphere to it’s customers with an olden 1920 – modern glam. The timeless garden still lingers on corners of the restaurant – adding scent of the green atmosphere that the millenials are living on. Not to forget, this place is also equipped with it’s very own bar – the Dirty Laundry (pictures coming soon – but they are open when this post is published).  Simply said: there’s no flaw when it comes to this venue (CAN ALSO BE USED FOR: BEAUTIFUL WEDDING PLACE)And in terms of the food, we started of with Tacos Carnitas (IDR 125k for 3 pieces).  A perfect appetiser – pork shoulder confit served with guacamole, salsa, and pinto beans. Our thoughts: add more chili / tabasco to spruce up the flavours even more.For your pasta selection, we personally loved the Penne Ala Vodka Marinara (IDR 125k) – don’t worry, there won’t be any alcohol in your sauces. The vodka itself is cooked to bring a sense of subtlety to the marinara sauce. This is divine!If you want something heavier, you can try the Spaghetti with Pork Ragout (IDR 139k) – this portion is definitely bigger. However, taste wise, the Penne Ala Vodka Marinara is a better option for pasta lovers. We’re not saying this menu is bad – but we wish to see something new to be infused in the dish.
Last but not the least, for the gentleman (and good ladies) – have the Porcini Coffee Rubbed Steak (IDR 295k) – freshly rubbed with dried porcini and arabica coffee. We personally like this one too as it has a deep smokey taste – which not only neutralises the sense of raw meat feel when you eat – but brings the flavour altogether!Above all, complemented with exceptionally super super fantastic service from it’s member of dining team – there’s nothing wrong to go to Bottega to sit back, have a drink with a friend – or alone – and just give yourself, that perfect moment of me time.

Where? Bottega Ristorante 
Address? Fairground, Lot 14 SCBD, Jakarta – Indonesia
Phone Number? +6221 5140 2266

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