TOP 5 BOBA Creation in Jakarta

Dedicated to all the Boba Lover out there, Here we present to you Boba Creation You Must Try!


Dirty Brown Sugar Fresh Milk at One Zo


The Perfect combination of fresh milk and brown sugar boba that gives you a sweet, creamy, and chewy sensation that gonna lighten up your day. If you prefer milk tea than fresh milk they also have Dirty brown sugar milk tea. The price is quite expensive for boba drink, But it worth the Taste!

Price :

  • Dirty Brown Sugar Fresh Milk M (35K) L (48K)
  • Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea M (30K) L (39K)

Where : 

  • Food Culture AEON Mall BSD, GF  (10AM – 7PM)
  • Ketapang Business Center Blok A No. 17  (10AM – 7PM)
  • Mall of Indonesia, 2F  (10AM – 10PM)

IG :


Boba Fever at Benedict

Showcasing their Love for boba in a series of drinks and desserts, they present the tender and chewy boba on top of their Boba Cake, Boba Churros, and Boba French Toast. And don’t forgot their Brown sugar Milk Tea, Earl Grey Milk Tea and Boba Kopi lokal. Try and be Crazy in Boba!

Price : 

  • Boba Cake IDR 60K
  • Boba French Toast IDR 60K
  • Brown Sugar Milk Tea IDR 45K
  • Earl Grey Milk Tea IDR 45K
  • Boba Kopi Lokal IDR 45K

Where :

  • Grand Indonesia East Mall, LG
  • Pacific Place Mall, L4

IG : @benedictjakarta


Truffle Boba & Boba Gump Ice Cream at Devon Cafe

Image result for truffle boba devon cafe


Crazy combination of Vanilla Ice Cream, Boba, Truffle oil, Honey, and Corn Flakes that gonna send you to a whole new boba world. Worth to Try!

Price : IDR 65K

Where : Senayan City (Crystal Lagoon)

Mon – Fri : 09.00am – 10.00pm
Sat : 09.30am – 10.30pm
Sun/PH : 09.30am – 10.00pm

IG : @devoncafe.jakarta


Chizu Boba Pancake at Pan & co


Have you try Japanese Fluffy Pancake? This one is Mind blowing! They combine soft and Fluffy Japanese Pancake with Sweet cream cheese and chewy boba that will make you addicted to this one. Killin’ me Souffle!

Price : IDR 59K

Where : Summarecon Mall Kelapa Gading 2, Lt. 1

Mon – Sun : 10AM – 10PM

IG :


Bubble Lava Cake at Paladin

You’re gonna be Crazy in Love with this boba cake. Super Fluffy Earl Grey Chiffon with Cream Cheese and boba it’s soft, creamy, and chewy! what a perfect texture combo!

Where : Jl. Guru Mughni No.7 Karet Semanggi

Mon – Sun : 10AM – 10PM

IG :


So, That’s it! Which one do you Love the most?


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