Best Time to be in Bali: NOW

The unstable condition of Mount Agung has scared tourists from all around the world. Ninety percent bookings cancelled made it difficult for the island’s economy. It is inevitable that travel warnings have been released by some other countries. Nevertheless, in fact, the situation and condition in Bali itself is actually safe and sound. Locals do their daily routines normally and domestic tourists are and will keep coming to celebrate Christmas and New Year here.

There are so many advantages for you to visit Bali in this time of the year. We do not joke but you could see #IAmInBali on Instagram. Those happy faces that enjoyed their favourite places, beaches and bars with no crowd. If you are still unsure to book your ticket and hotel, here let us tell you these things!


Hotels and airlines has decreased their rates in order to attract tourists to the island. When could you stay in a five-star beachfront resort in Sanur with rates starting from USD150++ in December? We could not think of any other time than NOW! Check out Maya Sanur for more!

As a matter of fact, not only airlines and accommodations that offer you fantastic deals but also restaurants. They start offering “Dine 3 Pay 2” and other interesting discounts which you could benefit from it.


The crowded Finns Beach Club

Enjoying your favourite places with full bunches of people would make the experience less memorable. For some people who hate queueing like we do, at moment like this, you could just point a place you want to visit and choose your very own favourite spot or table.


This is your time to dominate that favourite and touristy Instagram worthy spots! You could take hundreds of selfies until you have the best one to share on your timeline. You could simply take your time to capture best moment 😉 On top of that, your year-end holiday with your loved ones would definitely get more intimate and relaxing.


Credit : (Karma Kandara)

People got lazy to visit beaches because sometimes they would feel as if they were in markets. The enjoyment to fully experience and relish the beauty of the nature is not there. This December, unlike many other December in Bali, you could relax yourself at your favourite beaches and enjoy sunsets without crowds. You are simply blessed to be here this time.


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There would be no more traffic at 4 or 5 PM to visit places in Uluwatu for sunset. There would be no difficult time to find parking slots in Kuta. There would not be a long line of cars and motorcycles on Seminyak street during Friday and Saturday night.


This tough moment might benefit tourists mostly. However, if we, locals, try to sit back and reflect, perhaps, this moment is actually also needed by us to take a pause, simply take a breath. After all the non-stop happiness and businesses we created these last years, perhaps Mother Nature needs to take a break too. Locals have time to be even closer to gods and family as well as the natures would be less ‘stressed’ with those pollutions. It is indeed a difficult time for us in Bali but, there is always something that we could benefit from this. Just like your favourite author wrote “Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.”


p.s. Let us emphasis this more and more: touristy areas (Seminyak, Kuta, Ubud, Canggu, Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Uluwatu) are located 70km away from the affected area. Your Bali getaway would still be fun, my friends 🙂

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