Leave your worries behind and take a time off at the best Spas in town.

WHERE : All over Jakarta, thats for sure.
HOW DO YOU KNOW: Oh, we know : )

1. Five Sense Spa
For all male & female retreaters – This place is a must try spa, built with a holistic approach to the well-being of the mind, body, and soul. Five Sense served as an urban retreat where one can unwind, relax, invigorate, and escape from the busy life of Metropolitan Jakarta.Five-Senses-Spa

2. Keraton Spa
A serene oasis of Relaxation! For anyone dreaming of a spa getaway, the Keraton Spa holds special allure. Located on 6th floor , the expansive 1600 square meter Keraton Spa offers an ideal retreat from the hectic pace of the city. A must try menu from this place, are : Day Spa Package, Excellent Spa package, and Perfect Slim Effect.

Keraton Spa Treatment Room

3. Martha Tilaar
If you want to have a true authentic Indonesia spa experience, you can find it at Martha Tilaar, no doubt! with the modern lifestyle of today, more and more people are under stress and looking for the fountain of health and youth, Martha Tilaar can give you the spa experience to stay healthy and happy.Martha-Tilaar-jakarta

4. Spa Intercontinental Jakarta
If you wonder how Red Wine Spa Treatment feels like, you can come to Spa Intercontinental Jakarta. The Spa at Intercontinental Jakarta offers a relaxing oasis at the bustling district of Jakarta.Spa Intercontintental Mid Plaza

5. Spa at Hotel Grand Mahakam
With cabins designed in white modern pattern wall, bronze mirror, marble wall and a touch of dark wood parquets to offer a stylish ambiance overlooking the beautiful city view, the Spa at Hotel Gran Mahakam can’t never be wrong.Best Spa in Jakarta

6. Bale Bale
Known since 2000 for its  various uniqueness, this spa is definitely one of the best kept jewels for spa lovers.Bale-Bale-Spa-Jakarta

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