ALAHAP : The BEST Lamb Meat Specialist and Fried Rice in Town!

Nasi Goreng Kambing is one of Indonesia pride in terms of local food, A flavorsome marinated goat meat served alongside Indonesian’s all time favorite fried rice can’t be more perfect to the citizen tastebud, as Indonesia love dishes that are over the top. Moving on, The local eateries in Jakarta maybe everlasting, however not all culinary business majoring in local street food survive the fast-moving trends. The one who really has given persistent quality in terms of taste, service and ambience are the one who usually survive in the industry.

Alahap Jakarta is concealed in the side road of South Jakarta, but regardless of their hidden location, Alahap manage to keep people on coming and gaining endless repeaters only by their secret recipe. So to spill the tea a little bit, Alahap Jakarta is owned by two college classmate who successfully developed their final thesis into a real business. By being consistent with their goals, Alahap is created after long history of research and trials until Alahap turned into a fruitful venture.



Unlike any other fried rice outlets in Jakarta, Alahap designed its dining area with a touch of Moroccan Vibes, the two colorways of pink and white leaves a cozy feels inside, plus the Moroccan/Arabian details in every corner adorn the entire place perfectly. Plus its instagramable and honestly you won’t believe that its a place that sells high quality lamb meat called dabba, served with variety fried rice, as this place almost resembles a themed photo studio. So feel free to take pictures in every spot!




Not everyone is in treat with goat meat, or even dare to try it as lamb meat has imprint a negative impression of being too tough and chewy, not to mention lamb meat tends to leaves unpleasant smell literally in every bite and that strong aftertaste leaves no reason why people have to come back for second try. Because of this undeniable fact, the owners did long trials and errors, thriving to twist the fact, they manage to uncover the right cooking technique for lamb meat and reach the desired tenderness, flavor and dissipate the stinky smell.

Which is why, this is not a clickbait. Alahap is considered as the best lamb meat spealist  in town because it incomparable with any other Nasi Goreng Kambing place in Jakarta. Presenting their best 3 main star on the menu : Lali (Nasi Goreng Kebuli),  Lalai (Nasi Goreng Gulai), Lara (Nasi Goreng Rempah), and for people who like something more moderate, Laut ( Nasi Putih) served with lamb meat, emping and sambal.

First thing first, the taste of the meat is indescribable and truly mind-blowing. They are just so soft that it melts directly in your mouth and since the meat has been marinated with their herbs and spices, its savory goodness but still not over-powering the fried rice.  not too salty, very well-balanced indeed. And one more major point, the unpleasant smell has complete vanished due to the process of cooking and marinating the meat for few hours long.  If you are a fan of lamb meat or haven’t try it before, we dare you to visit Alahap in Kemang.


LALI ( Nasi Goreg Kebuli) IDR 49K


LARA (Nasi Goreng Rempah) – IDR 49K


Lalai ( Nasi Goreng Gulai) – IDR 49K


To tone down the savory taste, Alahap has also prepare series of sweet refreshing beverages such as Teh Tarik, Ice Lychee tea, Thai Tea, and Strawberry Colada

Furthermore, when it comes to dining area, Alahap is two stories restaurant that open its second floor for private events or workshops. Keep in mind its better to make your reservation in advance to (021) 27870936. Additionally, you can also find them at GO-FOOD for quick delivery. And if you wish to held private events at home with huge number of pax, you can contact Alahap for Paket Silaturahmi, order it H-2 via whatsapp : +62 812-1313-2952. 



Alahap Jakarta is located at Jl. Benda No.20c, RT.6/RW.4, Cilandak Tim. Ps. Minggu, South Jakarta. Open Everyday from 11:00 – 22:00, except for Friday : 13:00 – 22:00.  Follow Alahap on Instagram ; @alahapjkt 

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