WHAT: Meet the city’s best Italian restaurant / dining places.

IS IT IN ORDER: If what you meant was whether we rate it from 1 -16? No. Its just in random order.

1. Tredici

The most talked about restaurant in the city – Tredici is seving authentic Italian cuisine. Watch out for their homemade bread, pesto sauce, oven wood pizza, and big portions. Perfecto!

Tredici Ristorante

2. Bruschetta

Nestled at Hotel Borobudur Jakarta, Bruschetta is one of the iconic places to go for fellow Italian food lovers. Its definitely a must try.

Bruschetta Hotel Borobudur

3. Convivium

Homey spot located at the – almost far end of South Jakarta. Is always packed with local patrons, whose dying for their flavorful pasta, and red velvet cake.

Convivium Jakarta

4. Noi Pizza

Located at the far end of South Jakarta, Noi Pizza place itself as a homey getaway for fellow Jakartans to take a deep breath and relax.

Noi Pizza Jakarta

5. De Luca

Needless to say, very packed place – loyal patrons, often very noisy – but the food is quite subtle to release your Italian belly hunger.

De Luca Jakarta

6. Rosso

Sicilian in the heart of Jakarta finally. The place to go for all you wanderers that wishes to find a new Italian flavour. Be prepared for whats coming.

Rosso Jakarta

7. Balboni Ristorante

Great escape for those going to Kota Kasablanka. Quiet nice interior with decent Italian food to showcase.

Balboni Jakarta

8. Torino Osteria

The place that many adores – belong to several iconic national Indonesian artist.

Torino Jakarta

9. Dolce at Moovina

Italian flavour at its best. Bring your friends to unwind here at Plaza Indonesia.


10. Mama Goose

Everyone love this place. Located at downtown South Jakarta, Mama Goose has always been one of the city’s inhabitants destination.

Mama Goose

11. Il Mare

Hotel Mulia’s proud Italian creation which is always stuffed with city’s notable individuals, politicians, and many more. Excellent quality.

Il Mare

12. La Luce

Our editor can’t stop raving about this place. So there must be something here – that she saw.

La Luce

13. Ocha & Bella

One of our most favourite getaway spot to unwind at Central. The semi – alfresco dining spot, and intimate lightning never cease to fails us. Food portion here is quite big as well, so you can share.


14. Pesto Authentico

UOB Plaza’s weekend getaway. Despite its small number of patrons, this place host one of the best risotto in town.


15. Scusa

Long forgotten place at Intercontinental but has always been in the eye of loyal patrons.


16. Casa D’Oro

Perfetto in a word. Excellent service, and luscious food at this Hotel Indonesia’s Kempinski establishment. The place also regularly hosts guest Chef. So be sure to keep an eye on them.


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