Yes Jakartans are also crazy about art. So its best to go these places – for the best of art flavours.

1. Andis Gallery
ANDIS GALLERY could be where your ideas come from. And is presents fine Art, modern art, contemporary art and many others. With vision to be a place of inspiration, Andis Gallery often conducts programs & exhibitions – from solo artists exhibition to group work. Andis Gallery Jakarta

2. Galeri Indonesia Kaya
A gallery in a mall? Yes, your wish has just come true.
Galeri Indonesia Kaya is located at West Mall of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town. It is the first and one and only gallery across the nation to infuse education & digital multimedia technology to introduce the various culture of Indonesia. The gallery was set up originally to answer to the demanding needs of public room availability in the city of Jakarta to act as a vessel for talented, and rising Indonesian artists.Galeri Indonesia Kaya

3. Biasa Art Space
The marriage of education and inspiration is here. BIASA ArtSpace represents the inevitable need to redefine the context of transnational experience including social and individual identity. The gallery is not conceived as ‘exclusive players’, their intention is to share, spread and exchange the practice of art and the human effect globally. This gallery strives to become an alternative window intended to redirect and inspire both local and global art institutions in building a dynamic cooperation between art, cultural, social and political disciplines in both creation and creative tension.BIASA ArtSpace Jakarta Gallery 1 RESIZE TEST

4. Art :1
Art : 1 gallery is ready to amaze you with its unique  modern minimalist architecture building.
Art:1 comprehensively provides museum exhibitions by senior artists, supports emerging artists through its art space, and provides other services relating to art consulting, art restoration and art education programs. It is Indonesia’s first private art museum opened to public that truly operates to international standards.Art1-Jakarta

5.  National Museum
The national museum managed to make a comeback after a long time laying low from public. For the past couple of the times, the Museum managed to capture locals with its quirky exhibition that leaves the city inhabitants desperate to head there.National Museum Jakarta

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