Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah Kapuk


It was a rainy day when we stroll around at PIK – and boy oh boy – another new place is here. Today, we’re going to talk about Belly Inc. Belly Inc is located a couple of shophouse beside Sumoboo. The owner, Maydeline is a fresh graduate who’s got that happy-go-lucky smile with her (which is always a good sight on people!). The exterior is decorated in such a warm and inviting way – don’t you agree? And not to mention the spacious (but not too spacious) interior – who just made everything right.Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukBelly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukBelly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukBelly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukBelly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukSince its extremely cold, we wait no more to order our meal. First up, we started with Gyutandon (which is everyone’s favourite dish). For IDR 85,000 – one can get a plentiful meal. The beef is very well seasoned and complemented with just a perfect amount of condiments. A very well starter.Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukThen on, we take the “Tak Tik Tuk” Noodle –which is their very own rendition of Tek Tek noodle, you can find on the street. As expected, it’s definitely less oily – but that doesn’t mean its bad. It’s sweet and we loved it. Just the perfect comfort food that we need.Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukThe “Pinggiran” Noodle can also be your choice if you want something comforting. What we love till this far is how their price is so affordable – and you don’t have to second guess about the flavour of the food as it tastes like a perfect homemade food.Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukFor those undergoing a diet, their Grilled Salmon with Rice may be the perfect choice. With a perfectly grilled Salmon, this tasty dish suits your tummy without that fear of obesity. Plus, the portion is quite generous as well!Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukThey have a lot of Western food as well – from the ordinary steak to fish and chips to pastas selection. But what we order is the Prawn Steak – which is a deep fried prawn. We wish there could be more choice of sauce selection but with the portion and price of IDR 100,000 – this meal suits our pocket very well.Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukIf you ask what’s the specialty, their mocktail is crazy good. We’re not a very big fan of mocktail (cocktail, we love!) – but on this alcohol-free day, we decided to give it a shot. And thank goodness, we did the right thing! 3 mocktails you should try – the Incredible Hulk, Aquila and Little Goblin!Belly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukBelly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah KapukBelly Inc Jakarta Pantai Indah Kapuk All are perfectly refreshing, and bound to give you that perfect boost. So, why not give it a try?!

Belly Inc.
Ruko Crown Golf Blok D.No.20 
Pantai Indah Kapuk
+6221 292 10551

[email protected]

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