Balinese Food Journey at Kempinski Hotel Jakarta

Recently, our team has just been invited to Kempinski Hotel Jakarta for a special 5 Island in 5 Week Take Culinary “Spice Journey” event. We got the chance to taste some exquisite Balinese traditional dishes in The Signatures Restaurant made by Chef Ketut Sumerata who especially come to Jakarta for the event.


Since it is a buffet service restaurant, we were able to roam freely and choose our desired dish by ourselves. We headed to the Bali-Lombok corner and took pleasure in the breathtaking view of the dishes presented by the restaurant.


As we arrived around lunch time, we wasted no time to get our meal ready. Here is how our meal for the day looks like. We took Srombotan, Sate Lilit, and Ayam Pelalah.  Srombotan is a dish containing spicy boiled mixed vegetable, mainly using seaweed that is soaked with spicy fish sauce. It has the goodness of healthy seaweed with a hint of fish taste. Meanwhile Ayam Pelalah is shredded chicken with traditional Balinese spices. This is one of  our staff favorite dish of the day. Lastly, we got Sate Lilit which probably one of the most famous dish in this event. It is a mixed grilled seafood satay with lemongrass as its skewer. While the taste is totally awesome, it is quite unfortunate that the skewer is much too big in comparison to the meat itself that one of our crew had quite a crunch of the lemongrass as the results.


After the meal, we found out that there is a special stall serving Bebek Betutu and Ikan Bakar Sambal Matah. Bebek Betutu is a well-known Balinese grilled duck dish. The duck itself is grilled into perfection with authentic local seasoning. It is quite well presented as well (although we unfortunately were not able to take the photo of the whole duck due to its popularity).

IMG_5698To complete our lunch, we decided to try the Grilled Fish with Balinese sauce. The fish is really fresh and grilled so well that you can taste the spicy seasoning with your every bite. The flesh is so tender, truly the exquisite end to our Balinese culinary journey in Kempinski.


Thankful for the experience we got from Kempinski Hotel Jakarta; especially to the kindness of Chef Ketut Sumerata for his introduction towards Balinese local cuisine, overall we found that Balinese food is really flavorful. They have mastered the use of spices to season their meals that could be considered daring for some people. Hence, if you do not like spicy food, unfortunately you will not be able to find the experience quite as enjoyable as we did.


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