Bali for Work?

Bali has always been a dream destination for everyone to unwind, recharge, get married and have honeymoon, anniversary and all other joyful things. It is definitely a perfect place to celebrate the best things in life. In fact, there are countless reasons why people love Bali. Either it is because of its exotic natures, beautiful mix of cultures, spirituality, life balance or exciting nightlife, Bali never fails stealing our heart. It makes us want to come back and even wish to never leave the island.

All of your lovely thoughts about Bali naturally arise after you have experienced and stayed in the island for your short vacation. It is no doubt as, in fact, everywhere in this world could always be a nice place to have a vacation. However, what about to work?

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Life Pace

The life pace of Bali which tends to be slow could be perfect for people who dream to have a chill and relax life. Nevertheless, this could also eventually be a nightmare for people who get used to life in metropolitan cities where everything moves quickly. Most of the locals generally are not after material things in life. With the strong faith and belief in their religion, it has been a nature for them to prioritise their spiritual life.

Work Life Balance

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You would probably already know the answer. For people who indeed would like to have a balance between work and social life, Bali is definitely the place. Social life does not always relate to nightlife, such as clubbing and getting drunk. The island also offer you so many other options where you could build your social network. Just like many have said that Bali is like a melting pot of people from countries around the world. Those who happen to have the same hobbies and passions join and create a community which increases in number. From nature lover, art fans, environmentalists, yogis, vegans to sports and extreme enthusiasts.

Living Costs

There is nothing to worry about the living costs. Bali is not as cruel as the capital city, Jakarta. You could find proper food (with rice) with price starting from IDR 5.000 (~USD 0.50). The rent houses, on the other hand, would vary depending on the facilities that you choose. Some tenants provide you with complete services just like hotels while some others only rent you a room with basic necessities inside. You could always have choices. For entertainment? Hmm, does having Bintang by the beach while watching sunset count?


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As one of the most favourite international destinations, Bali has a very huge tourism industry with hospitality as part of it. If you are interested in moving to Bali and working here, the most common and easiest path for you to start your career is to apply for a position in a hotel,  such as accounting, front office, food and beverage, marketing, sales, etc. Good news for foreigners as they usually have special treatment and benefits offered to expats.

After all of these, we would like to briefly say that Bali is not just perfect to celebrate all the good things in life. In fact, it is also perfect for people dreaming of a laid-back working lifestyle.

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