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AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia


Welcome to AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia!

Last Saturday, the JKTGO team had the pleasure of attending AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia’s Grand Opening to sample their foods, meet celebrity Chef Akira Watanabesan and get to know the history behind AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia.

AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia, like its sister store in Plaza Senayan is home to countless Italian dishes that Chef Akira Watanabe-san has put a decidedly Japanese spin on. Making sure to use only the freshest, locally and internationally sourced ingredients, it’s no wonder that the chef team Watanabe-san helms is able to create magnificent dishes.

While there are plenty of great things to gush over, AW Kitchen Jakarta is not a new addition to the ever-burgeoning culinary scene here in Jakarta. Well known for its fresh house-made pasta and innovative menu, it’s much easier and more satisfying to simply head straight into what Chef Watanabe crafted up that day.

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AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

Chef Akira Watanabe presents his creation during the Grand Opening of his second store


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia


Having started his culinary journey 1992, Chef Watanabe boasts nearly 25 years of experience in the hospitality industry. His passion for cooking started when he, like many of us, watched cooking shows on TV and became inspired. After mastering the art of Japanese cuisine he pursued his passion to study Italian cuisine for three years in a cooking academy in Milan, Italy. Chef Watanabe believes that the two are very similar in that both Italian and Japanese cooking favour and place great importance on the quality of their ingredients, making sure to always let the natural flavours come through.

The first AW Kitchen Pasta House opened in Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan in early 2004 with many other successful restaurants opening shortly. Some focusing on an all-Japanese menu, and others all-Italian. Ten years later, Chef Watanabe continues his successful rein opening his first restaurant outside of Japan which we have all come to love, AW Kitchen Pasta House Plaza Senayan.

AW Kitchen Pasta House Plaza Indonesia marks his 32nd successful restaurant opening, and we are sure there are plenty more to come.


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia


The interior design of AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia is spacious, clean and natural, a look that has become synonymous with Japanese design in recent years. A soft yellow light adds atmosphere to the place while ensuring that the entire dining area is well lit. Centerpieces, crockery and cutlery all add to the ambiance without detracting from the main attraction itself, the stunningly presented and delicious food.

The final look is one that allows patrons to experience fine Italian-Japanese fusion cuisine while stripping away all of the unnecessary pretenses.


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

The prep team begin work on the day’s pasta


As we watch in awe as the prep team begin to work swiftly and confidently on the day’s pasta and carpaccios, I sneak a peek into the kitchen only to find that everyone is buzzing around like busy worker-bees. In one day 10kg of flour can be used for just one type of pasta, the tagliatele for example, and preparation is meticulous. Measuring the thickness and length of each pasta strand, to weighing each portion to ensure quality.


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

Amuse-Bouche, Beetroot Soup; Credit: @rezaramadan14


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

Smoked Chu-Toro and Red Snapper Carpaccio


We started the luncheon at AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia with Chef Watanabe’s Beetroot Espresso. A unique beetroot soup akin to tomato soup reduced down to a manageable espresso-shot size with subtle flavours of sweet and savoury that left us wanting more, more, more! Finished off with a spoonful of thick coconut foam and herbs.

The appetiser that Chef Watanabe chose was the Chu-Toro and Red Snapper Carpaccio. Chu-Toro is a medium-fatty section of the tuna, often mistaken for the Ootoro but a decidedly different grade. The Chu-Toro used in AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia is imported from Japan and guaranteed to be a great quality. The big surprise was actually the local red snapper which blew us away with the texture and flavour that had been brought out. Generously garnished with tobikoikura, sliced radishes, rocket and edible flowers such as crysanthemum, each mouthful was a burst of flavour in your mouth and definitely our favourite dish of the day (if not week!)


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

Hokkaido Crab with Ikasumi Spaghettini in Tomato Sauce


AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia

Wagyu Tenderloin wrapped in Shredded Potato with Truffle Oil


The Primi Pasta and Secondi Patti dishes won over quite a few of our media colleagues with its rich flavours and straight-forward presentation.

The Hokkaido Crab with Ikasumi Spaghettini proved to be a surprise. The sweetness of the Hokkaido Crab balanced perfectly with the savoury house-made tomato sauce and springy ikasumi spaghettini. Ikasumi is the Japanese word for squid ink and made sure the spaghettini was not forgotten.

The Wagyu Tenderloin wrapped in Shredded Potato however was the real crowd-pleaser with many of us wishing to return again to taste it a second time. While the wagyu tenderloin itself was pan-fried, the moisture from the shredded potato wrapped around the cut of meat led to it being steamed in its own juices. It fell apart as you bit into it, and the supporting sides, the potato puree and roasted vegetables, did not lose out.

Unfortunately this dish was made especially by Chef Watanabe for the Grand Opening and will be unavailable to try for the general public. But who knows, maybe if enough of us raise our voices we’ll be able to see it on the menu?

AW Kitchen Plaza Indonesia Cheat Sheet

  • Make sure to Book your Table ahead of time!
  • You must try the wonderful pasta dishes here. We recommend the Hokkaido Crab and Ikasumi Spaghettini.
  • Bring your camera and stare in awe as they hand make the pastas.
  • There are no Pizzas here, but don’t fret!
  • Finish off with some desserts as they have great Gelatos here.

When: Monday – Sunday; 10:00 – 22:00

Where: Plaza Indonesia Lvl 2, Unit No. E026
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav.28-30,
Jakarta CBD 10350

More Info: +6221 2992 4325














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