Authentic Padang Cuisine at Padang Merdeka

Yes! We know that you love nasi Padang as much as we are, especially the one that tastes so good that you always want more. Padang Merdeka is now open with its patriotic theme reflected in their interior design. The place has a very thick Indonesian atmosphere, because when you enter you can see the murals on the wall with Indonesia’s founding fathers and heroes.



All the tables and chairs used are 100% created by local aritsans, which shows a nice casual with an authentic taste. Padang Merdeka takes a high level of authenticity for the food by having the spices from its origin places in Sumatera. One main food of the menu at Padang Merdeka is fried Chicken cooked by the chefs of Padang origin.



Located at Fatahillah Museum in the area around the Old City (Kota Tua), Padang Merdeka is still very affordable. The menu starts with Rp 18,000 per portion.

Like most Padang restaurants, they will serve all of menu on the table. Suddenly everything looks very attractive! You can go all the way and taste the real Padang cuisine to the bone!



Where: Jl. Lada No. 1, Kota, Jakarta

When: Everyday 9.30 – 00.00

Contact: +6221 6919811

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