Australian MasterChefs Taking Over Jakarta?

Last Friday, 18 March 2016, Australian MasterChefs Raynold and Arnold Poernomo descended upon Nomz Kitchen & Pastry to showcase their amazing skills and to showcase Australia’s incredible food experiences. Chefs Reynold and Arnold brought a taste of Australia to hungry Indonesian customers for the first time with a special brunch menu consisting of smoked ricotta, mudcrab, kombu butter and Chef Reynold’s signature citrus cheesecake.

Poernomo Brothers in the Kitchen

Raymond and Arnold Poernomo

While Raynold Poernomo, the ‘Dessert King’ of MasterChef Australia S7, may not yet be a household name here in Jakarta, his older brother Arnold Poernomo certainly is. This MasterChef Indonesia judge is not the first in his family to carry the title of ‘Chef’ with brother, Ronald, his mother, Ike, and his grandmother also chefs.

These third-generation chefs run Nomz Kitchen & Pastry, Jakarta and KOI Dessert Bar, Sydney, two successful restaurants that bridge the gap between Australian and Indonesian cuisine.


Open Omelette with Mudcrab, Kombu Butter, Chilli Powder, and Sourdough Toast

Open Omelette with Mudcrab, Kombu Butter, Chilli Powder, and Sourdough Toast


Citrus Cheesecake

Citrus Cheesecake


Although we were able to taste these amazing dishes, we know that not everyone was lucky enough to try the delicate recipes Chefs Reynold and Arnold brought to Jakarta that day. Don’t forget though, that if they were able to recreate this menu so spectacularly in Indonesia, how much better would it taste back on their home turf of Sydney, Australia?

KOI Desert Bar, Sydney

When: Monday – Sunday; 10:00 – 23:00
Where: 42-44 Kensington St,
Chippendale NSW 2008, Australia
More Info: +612 9212 1230

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