ARTOTEL – BART Cheers for Everyday!

Roof top bar is still a trend to hangout in Jakarta. A roof top takes you to a top-of-the-hill look of Jakarta city and it makes roof top bar the coolest destination for anyone who lives in the city. BART – Bar at The Roof Top – by Artotel is now ready for your pleasure!


BART ARTOTEL, which located at Thamrin is a hotel with a fancy concept. Chilling here guaranteed to help you forget about your daily routine at the office. Not only that it is comfortable, the interior design would look good for you feed in Instagram. Especially after a DELUXE food and beverage is served at your table.




To escalate their service towards the customer, BART offers you this new concept for this month (April), Starts from Monday until the weekend, the promotion they offered is interestingly different every single day:

1. Monday – The Book Worms
Every Monday, starting from 5 PM until 8 PM, BART Offers you a special discount promotion until 50%, for college students (you just need to bring your Student ID). You will be entertained with R&B and Techno music by DJ Owl & DJ Onyx.

2. Tuesday – No Tie After 5
You don’t have to wait until weekend to hangout with your office mate, because every Tuesday BART will give you a Free Flow Beer promotion for two hours only for Rp. 150.000. This promotion only valid from 5PM – 9PM evening. You will be entertained with live music by DJ Alec and Karua Band. This two fellow will entertain you with the 80’s songs / NU Disco. On this night it will be a 50% promotion for any kind of food and drink on the menu if you work at a hotel or a bank.
3. Wednesday – Ladies Night
On Wednesday, DJ Vee Felicia is going to invite all of you, but especially the ladies, to relax with the her mixes of EDM. For ladies that come from 5PM until 9 PM, BART will serve you with free Cocktail as a welcome drink.

4. Thursday – BART-Kustik
Thursday, it won’t be an ordinary acoustic here, BART residence Band will take the guest to sing together with their Thursday theme “ we dare you to sing” and the guest could request any songs that they want. Thursdays promotion is Free Flow wine glass for Rp, 250,000, start from 5 PM until 9 PM.

5. Friday – Payday with a guest star
One day on Friday BART will invite famous musician for the one who enjoys indie music and it could be a famous DJ too. First Drink Charge depends on who the guest star is. On every other Friday night BART opens regularly.

6. Saturday – Normal
On a Saturday night, BART opens regularly from 5 PM until 2 AM, there would be entertainment by DJ Owl and Residence Band.

7. Sunday – Sangria Evening
DJ Dodie will wrap your Sunday with Sangria Evening Promotion. Starts from 5 PM until 9 PM, one glass of Sangria is only Rp, 150,000 and Sangria Free Flow for two hours only Rp, 350,000.

All of this promo only valid on each day, could not be applied on the other days only valid for dining in service. Grab your friends now, and enjoy the evening together!

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