Arkamaya Indonesian CREATIVE Culinary Education

Inspired by Indonesian rich culinary, Arkamaya offers a first-class Indonesian cuisine education that is divided into cooking program and baking program. Focusing on giving exemplary cooking experience, you will learn not only from the recipe given but also intricate cooking techniques that would lead you to become a professional cook. Cause if it’s just about cooking, we can easily take it from the internet, but if it’s about mastering the perfect techniques, there is no doubt to choose Arkamaya as your number one choice.



Arkamaya offers two types of  programs which are the cooking academy and short course that you can choose between baking program or cooking program. Moreover, Arkamaya have three in-house professionals expertise : Chef Pasya Hardiman is the head chef for cooking program who will teach you both Indonesian cuisine and international cuisine. Chef Gabriella Amanda and Chef Yosua Ekajaya for baking program who gonna show you how to make mind-blowing pastry creations.

Arkamaya Cooking Program where students would not only graduate as chef,  but also as creative entrepreneurs in the culinary industry. You will be able to dig in deeper into the history and benefits behind Indonesian key ingredients & spices, and learn to  create a variety of dishes from scratch.



With four highlighted activities  :

Culinary Team Building : Targeted towards corporate & community event which help to enhance teamwork and social relation in one gleeful cooking class.

Junior Program : Since it is never too early to learn something new, Arkamaya also open cooking classes for kids in forms of birthday parties, graduation events or even field trip with capacity 15 – 20 kids.

Taste of Indonesia : program invites you to take a deep dive into the unique culinary heritage of Nusantara – from getting familiar with the ingredients, to experiencing a comprehensive, step-by-step cooking lesson.

Custom your event : Sign up for our basic or intermediate program and get a very special internship program at a well renowned Ismaya restaurant. Hurry, limited spots available!





The cooking academy runs for 1 month where you can learn 3-4 dishes for cooking program and 2 pastries on baking program in 1 meeting. The class usually starts from 10AM till 4PM. And all cooking class has include complete chef uniform , recipe & module, Ingredients, premium kitchen space and utensils, along with official certificate from Arkamaya.  

In their upcoming short courses they have interesting dishes to make which is Bali Cuisine, Liwetan Sunda, Baileys Cake, Chocolate Strawberry Entremet, Cake Bouquet and many more. feel free to check out their website to register to these classes.

Additionally, Arkamaya has a function room can cater up to 40 people, with aesthetic embellishments that is available for you to rent for any special occasion. and their kitchen studio that is well equipped with sophisticated kitchen tools and also multimedia resources is open for rent if you need work stations for your culinary startup. 



Location: Dipo Business Center, Jl. Jend Gatot Subroto Kav. 51-52, Ruko A9 ,Petamburan, Slipi  Jakarta Pusat – 10260.  [email protected] / +6221-2253-9980 / +62811-9233-777


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