AQUACAMP Experience at Jakarta Aquarium NEO SOHO

After successfully educating children in Indonesia about the importance of preserving nature and animals. Jakarta Aquarium has launched one unique educational program called Aquacamp to invite and experience everyone from all ages to stay and explore the thrill of the atmosphere under the sea. In this program Aquacamp participants will study nature conservation and animals in a fun way, guided by veterinarians, instructors and professional teams. Aquacamp is held for 2 days 1 night from Friday afternoon to Saturday morning. 

In addition to obtain education that is delivered in a unique and fun way, the nutritional needs of children are also maintained through a series of food and snack menus provided by Pingoo restaurant. During the activity, the Aquacamp participants will be accompanied by the Jakarta Aquarium team.

Highlights from Aqua Camp are learning sessions, storytelling, and games with international facilitators. Jakarta Aquarium is working with Kyle Dougherty, a teacher from the United States who has experience in educating children and adolescents in China and Vietnam. Armed with a CELTA teaching certificate and teaching experience in the international arena, Kyle presents exciting, fun and educative learning concepts in bilingual, Indonesian and English.

For 2 days and 1 night the children and families of the Aqua Camp participants were invited to explore the Jakarta Aquarium and to participate in the wildlife and marine conservation education program through the Jakarta Aquarium back of house tour. Campers are invited to meet with divers and veterinarians and do questions and answers. Campers are also invited to learn how to care for animals, feed, and measure water quality. After learning, it’s time for the campers to play through a series of games and storytelling sessions with the facilitator. At the end of the event, campers do baby shark gymnastics together and explore the ocean with a 5-dimensional simulator. 

Not only children can join this program but all families and even Aquacamp can be booked for groups. Aquacamp costs IDR 770,000 / person and Participants will get Jakarta Aquarium entrance tickets along with guides, food packages provided by Pingoo restaurant, and goodie bags. At night, participants get a rare opportunity to spend the night in the zone 12 south sea gallery, which is facing the main tank or the largest aquarium that contains hundreds of fish and sharks of various types. 

To register immediately and feel the experience of staying underwater at the Jakarta Aquarium you can contact 082298720088, or check on Instagram @jakartaaquarium and website

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