All New Mazda M2


Well, lets take a break from all the food chatter – and see what’s really happening from Mazda. Yes folks, we’re talking about that brand All New Mazda2 – the 6th generation car that possess all the cool goodies from Mazda; from SKYACTIV Technology, Kodo-Soul of Motion, i-Activsense, and MZD Connect – this baby showcases itself In Indonesia.All New Mazda M2
The brand All New Mazda M2

SKYACTIV technology within All New Mazda2, is complimented with SKYACTIV-G, which is joined with SKYACTIV-MT for manual, and SKYACTIV-Drive for automatic type – completed with sports mode, SKYACTIV-CHASSIS and SKYACTIV-BODY to maximize your comfort & ultimate driving experience. Not to mention, with an i-Stop feature this car has, your gasoline will be much much efficient.All New Mazda M2A more close up look on the All New Mazda2

Design wise, the KODO-Soul fof Motion, which is a part of Mazda Design, has ensured the utmost glam exterior and interior, building this fine car with high quality material. And with the latest MZD Connect connectivity feature – which will ensure full commander mode intergration, and a wide range of safety feature – all sealed within the “Jinbai Ittai” (where driver becomes one with his car) philosohpy adoption, it wouldn’t be surprised that this car has been awarded as Japan Car of The Year 2014 – 2015.

Enough about the car! Now lets head to the fun things we did duting this special introduction. We’ve always love the idea of a new event in the city. So when we’re invited, we’re beyond thrilled to experience this event, which is named “ALL NEW MAZDA2 24 HOURS TAKE & GO” Held on 4th-5th February, we’re invited to take this new released car for a 24 hours non stop spin on the road of Jakarta – without turning off the car engine, for even a second. The route itself covers area of this megapolitan city – from the east to all the awy, to the west of Jakarta. With a starting point of Fairmont Senayan, the PT.Mazda Motor Indonesia President Director, Keizo Okue briefly explains that the overall point of this event is for us to feel the philosophy of Jinbai Itta – where we as riders, are taken to enjoy cars as not just a transportation channel. But more as a way to be alive.All New Mazda M2
Our friends at this event!

All New Mazda M2Hip Hip Hurray!

The event is super fun – where we are divided into 5 different groups, all split into 3 tims, where like an estafet run – we must take turn driving the car according to the route. Throughout the drive, we must chase points by visiting the unique sites of Jakarta! Not only that, we must also completed 3 special taks: the Frisky Shot Paintball, The Eyeless Drive, and The Skyscapper Catcher – where with these tasks, we are taken to see the cool feature of the All New Mazda2 – such as dynamic stability control, parking distance sensor or even hill launch assist! What a cool way to introduce a car right?All New Mazda M2

Here are the winner! Congratulations!

Well, despite we don’t win the car, this event and of course, the All New Mazda2 managed to steal our hearts. Ready to Be Alive?

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